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Release Notes: December 3, 2020

ProLink Solutions is pleased to announce a Procorem release. The changes are described below.

Strike Through Task Assignee, Approver, Follower Names for Removed Collaborators (PLS Support Ticket 5843)

When a collaborator has been removed from a WorkCenter but remains listed on tasks in the WorkCenter, the daily digest emails will still show the person’s name for associated tasks but with strike-through formatting.


Added Details to Task Flow Emails

Procorem emails generated for tasks in a task flow now include the Assignees, Approvers, and Followers of the task. As a result, you can quickly see task responsibilities directly in the emails.

Fixed Issues

We addressed the following issues:

  • PLS Support Ticket 8550—Fixed an issue with type-ahead search not working when adding a new Collaborator.

  • PLS Support Ticket 8552—Fixed an issue with long file names on post attachments.

  • PLS Support Ticket 8607—Fixed a bug related to new users attempting to log in outside the email link.

  • PLS Support Ticket 8763—Fixed a bug related to the filter on Admin People & Permissions when adding a user to multiple WorkCenters.

  • PLS Support Ticket 8842—Fixed a bug related to People & Permissions > Edit Person > WorkCenter tab (displayed WorkCenter that user is no longer on).