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Account-Level Data Views: The Files Data View

For an overview of data view functionality, see Data Views.

The Files data view allows you to view files across the account.


The data view shows files in the account for the active WorkCenter(s) that you are collaborator on. You must have accepted the invitation to the WorkCenter. Account and WorkCenter administrators will see files for all active WorkCenters on the account.

Table 1. Files Data View



File Name

File thumbnail image and the file title.

WorkCenter Name

WorkCenter Name of the file.

WorkCenter Category

WorkCenter Category of the file.

If you want to filter the view to see records from "Uncategorized" WorkCenter categories (category not set), use the Is Blank filter.


Status of the file.


Type of file.

File Size

File size, displayed as kb.


Name of the folder the file exists within.

# of Comments

Count of file comments.

# of Versions

Count of file versions.

# of Linked Tasks

Count of tasks linked to the file.

# of Activities

Count of activities associated to the file.

Initial Upload Date

The date the file was first uploaded.

Initial Upload By

The name of the user that first uploaded the file.

Last Upload Date

The date of the most recent file version.

Last Upload By

The name of the user that uploaded the most recent version of the file.

Most Recent Comment

The most recent file comment prefixed with the user name and date updated (up to 100 characters).

Most Recent Associated Task

The most recent task associated to the file (up to 100 characters).

File Description

Description of the file (up to 100 characters).

Created Date

The date the file was created.

Created By User

The name of the user that created the file.

Updated Date

The date that the File Details were most recently updated.

Updated By

The name of the user that most recently updated the File Details.

Uploaded Physical File Name

The file name of the most recent file from the user's device. This can be different from the Procorem file title.

WorkCenter ID

WorkCenter ID of the file.

File ID

System ID for the file.