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Account Tasks

The Account Tasks view is designed to give you the ability to sort, filter, and view all your tasks across the entire account. Just as with the calendar items, you will only be able to see the tasks you are authorized to see.

Select the desired filters and click Apply Filter to return search results. You can search by User, Task Role, WorkCenter Name, and Date Range.


Within the Account Tasks screen you can sort tasks across the following criteria:

  • WorkCenter

  • Task

  • Title

  • Status

  • Due Date

  • Assignees

  • Approvers

  • User & Task Role—Using the Task filter, you can see tasks without an actual user as an assignee and/or approver, including tasks with a Security Role assigned but no user in that role.

To filter by any of these criteria, click on the column header and the tasks will sort by that setting.

As you use this feature, you will notice completed and approved tasks as being marked in green while incomplete tasks, or unapproved tasks, will remain in gray for their respective columns.

To go into a specific task, click on the task line item and you will be taken into the WorkCenter which stores the task.