WorkCenter Security, Email & Settings

WorkCenter Security, Email, & Settings

WorkCenters come with a variety of settings and controls to allow you to customize how your collaborators interact with each WorkCenter.

WorkCenter Security

The first area of WorkCenter customization is the ability to control who can interact with what information on the Procorem WorkCenter. Often it is helpful for users to think of WorkCenters as a giant project folder with a lot more power.

WorkCenters are designed to be transparent so anyone you invite to a WorkCenter will be able to view the information within that WorkCenter. If you don’t want someone to have access to documentation in a WorkCenter, we recommend not inviting them to that WorkCenter at all. If you ever want to know who has access to a WorkCenter, just head to the WorkCenter and take a look at the collaborators listed on the right hand side of the screen.


Once you have decided who should be a part of your WorkCenter, you do have the power to control what they can do in the WorkCenter through Configurable Security Roles. Configurable Security Roles allow you to edit how users interact with files, folders, posts, tasks and the WorkCenter itself. Check out the Configurable Security Roles Help Center article to learn more.

Procorem Note: Only Account Administrators can create configurable security roles. WorkCenter collaborators with appropriate permissions can change the role of collaborators on the WorkCenter itself.

WorkCenter Email

WorkCenter Settings allow you to perform a number of actions on the WorkCenter level.

Email Notifications

All WorkCenters fully integrate with your email to keep you notified of core project activity. Because we know many of us rely on email, direct email integration allows you to leverage Procorem for all project activity, but still use email as needed. To learn more about controlling email notifications in Procorem, take a look at the Notifications in Procorem article.

Emailing the WorkCenter

While being notified of project activity is important, what if you want to simply send Procorem an email to keep tracked and recorded? With Procorem, you can easily perform this task!

Every collaborator on every WorkCenter has a unique email ID which allows you to send email and attachments directly to Procorem. Emails will show up as Posts on the WorkCenter and Attachments can easily be moved to their appropriate location for further team collaboration.

To find you email ID, head to the WorkCenter of your choice and look toward the bottom of the left hand navigation panel. Here you will see a button labeled “Email this WorkCenter.

Clicking on the button will pop up a display which provides you your unique WorkCenter email ID as well as the ability to send and email directly from this screen.


Once you send an email to the WorkCenter, you will be asked to approve to ensure that the email is in fact coming for you. To approve the email head to the post section of your WorkCenter and select Approve.


You also have the ability to approve emails across multiple WorkCenters at the same time by headed to the Home Screen and your pending items.


Once you approve the email, the post will be made visible to all other collaborators on the WorkCenter and an audit log will be created noting the activity.

If there any attachments associated with the email they are now made visible. To share them with other Collaborators on the WorkCenter, simply move them to the correct location within the WorkCenter.


WorkCenter Settings

For users with appropriate rights, the WorkCenter Settings link will display on the left hand navigation panel.  From here you can access the main WorkCenter settings page.


By clicking on the Settings link, you can perform a variety of activities such as renaming your WorkCenter, changing a WorkCenter category, updating your WorkCenter description, importing project templates, and marking the WorkCenter you are on as a template.


Procorem Note: For more information on WorkCenter Templates, please review the WorkCenter Template Help Center article.

Deleting a WorkCenter

To Delete a WorkCenter click on the Delete WorkCenter link and follow the instructions. Remember, Deleting WorkCenters is a permanent action and will delete all associated files, tasks and posts with the WorkCenter. If you would like to keep any of that information, move or copy to a different WorkCenter prior to deletion.

Archiving a WorkCenter

Often times upon the completion of a project, organizations will want to archive a project to keep for reference, but not interfere with existing projects. Procorem offers the ability to Archive WorkCenters to help achieve this goal.

To archive a WorkCenter in Procorem, first head to the WorkCenter you would like to Archive and select “WorkCenter Settings” from the left hand navigation panel.  Once there, choose the “Archive WorkCenter” link towards the top of the screen.

Once the WorkCenter is archived it will no longer be visible in search, collaborators will be removed and it will not show up in your primary list of WorkCenters. This allows you to segment older, archived projects from current and active projects.


If at any time you would like to Re-Activate a WorkCenter, simply head to the Account WorkCenter screen and select “Re-activate WorkCenter”. Once re-activated, all WorkCenter content will again show up in search and the WorkCenter will be fully restored.