Inviting and Removing Collaborators

Inviting and Removing Collaborators

Collaborating with colleagues, external partners and clients is what brings Procorem to life. Now that you have your first WorkCenter created, it is time to invite some Collaborators. Collaborators can be either internal to your organization or external project participants.

With Procorem WorkCenter Roles, you are in charge of what Collaborators can and cannot do within a particular WorkCenter. By controlling security on the WorkCenter level, there will never be any confusion on who has access to what information in your Procorem Account.

Procorem Note: Part of the mission of Procorem is to deliver true project transparency and auditability. With this goal in mind, Procorem does not offer folder level security as it can be burdensome to manage and often leaves organizations with a potential security risk. With Procorem, only the people you invite to the WorkCenter have access to information within. If you do not want a user to have access to information in Procorem we recommend not inviting them to that WorkCenter at all. Instead, create a separate WorkCenter to store information for those users separately.


In Procorem, there is no limit to the number of collaborators on WorkCenter and the invite only security is a perfect way to share and collaborate on information from internal and external project participants.

To learn more about WorkCenters in general, please review the WorkCenter Introduction article.

Adding New Collaborators

To add Collaborators to a WorkCenter, head to the WorkCenter you would like to add people to and then select the “Add Collaborator” button on the top right hand side of the screen.



Procorem Note: The right hand side of the screen lists all the Collaborators in the WorkCenter and is the best place to look to see who is currently invited as a Collaborator to a particular WorkCenter.


Once clicked, you’ll see the Invite Collaborator screen. Now you can invite new users to the WorkCenter, both those who currently use Procorem and those who do not.


If the person you are inviting is an existing Procorem user on an Account you have access to, their name will display as you start typing.  This works for both email address and the person’s name.

Procorem Note: You can easily add multiple Collaborators at the same time if they are already in the system.  Just start typing the name and use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to select the correct user from the list then press enter.  Do this as many times for as many Collaborators as you would like.


If the person is not in the account you have access to, then you will have to add them by selecting the “+” sign next to the name box.  From here you will be asked for their name and email address to invite them into Procorem.


You can always adjust the message they receive via the email invite in the bottom box marked “Personal Note”.

Procorem Note: To add Collaborators to a WorkCenter, you need appropriate security permissions. To learn more about standard security permissions in Procorem, please review the Security, Permissions & Guests article. If you would like to learn about custom WorkCenter Roles, please visit the WorkCenter Roles article.


Procorem Note: The first time you add someone to an account, they will be added as a guest.  This means that they cannot be assigned WorkCenter Roles that have Member requirements associated with them.  If you would like to assign a member role to a user, you will first need to add them to the WorkCenter as a guest role (collaborator, read-only) then go to the People & Permissions tab to upgrade them to a member.  You will then be able to change them to the appropriate role.  If you have already upgraded your user to a member, you can add them to any WorkCenter Role.

Removing Collaborators

Removing Collaborators is another security restricted function, but can easily be performed by authorized Procorem users right on the WorkCenter. To remove a Collaborator from an individual WorkCenter, simply head to the WorkCenter and select that person from the right hand side Collaborator panel.


Once the person is selected you can select “Remove from WorkCenter” and then confirm to fully remove them from the WorkCenter.

Procorem Note: While removing WorkCenter takes away that Collaborators access to the WorkCenter, all activity performed in the WorkCenter will be stored and maintained in the WorkCenter Activity Feed. This ensures you keep a record of all project activity even after a Collaborator is removed from a WorkCenter.

Bulk Adding Collaborators

Often times if a person joins an organization you will want to add them to multiple WorkCenters at the same time. Adding Collaborators in bulk can be performed in the People & Permissions tab in Procorem.

For Account Administrators with the correct permissions, you can access the People & Permissions link from the left hand navigation panel on the primary Account Screen.


Once there, select the person you would like to add or remove from WorkCenters. Members and Guests will be separated by tabs on the top of the screen.


Once you select the person who you would like to add to multiple WorkCenters, select their name and then navigate to the WorkCenters tab. Once there, select “Add to WorkCenters”.