Task Notifications, Comments & Activity

Task Notifications, Comments, & Activity

In order to keep you and your team on track, Procorem integrates directly with your email system through regular email notifications. At Procorem, we understand the world still works on email and our goal is not to replace email, but create better ways to centralize and integrate email communications in a trackable, auditable, and manageable way.

Procorem Note: For a complete overview of Procorem Notifications, please review the Notifications in Procorem Help Center Article.

Task Notifications

As you know from reading the Notifications in Procorem article, Procorem notifications provide immediate and digest based emails for important project activity. Nowhere is this more important than tasks. Because tasks are such a critical part of any project, task progress in Procorem will always alert key project participants as tasks progress through different statuses and stages.

There are a number of instances when task related emails will be sent out in Procorem:

  • Creation of task
  • Finishing of task
  • Approval of task
  • Completion of task
  • Deletion of task
  • Change in task details
  • Prior task completed
  • Task reminders
  • Task comments

Procorem Note: Emails will always be sent to some combination of Task Assignees, Approvers, or Followers.


Email language will vary depending on the type of email, but email notifications will have a standard look and feel.


Procorem Note: If you are on a WorkCenter, but not an Assignee, Approver, or Follower of a task, you will not receive any task notification emails.  You will however see all WorkCenter task activity in your daily or weekly digest email.  For more on digests and emails, check out the Notifications in Procorem section of the Help Center.


If you would like to make sure the Collaborators on a WorkCenter receive task emails, make sure they are added to the task as an Assignee, Approver, or Follower.

Task Reminders

While there are a standard set of automated emails that are sent out based on your involvement in a task, you have the option to set custom reminders to make sure your team stays on track. Reminders in Procorem can be sent when a task due date is coming soon, when a task is due and when a task is past due.

To set reminders on tasks, first head to the Task Screen and select the individual task.


From there, select the Reminders tab on the upper part of the screen. Once in the reminder screen, you can see all the reminders in a list view. In this list view you can see the recipients of the reminder, when it is set to be sent, the type of reminder and the current status of the reminder.

If you would like to add a new reminder, select the “Add Reminder” button and you will be placed into a screen to configure the specific reminder.


In this screen you can adjust the type, recipients, and a variety of other criteria depending on the type of reminder.

Task Comments

Much like files and WorkCenters, you can make comments on individual tasks in Procorem. Comments will remain tied to that task and are available at any time for all project participants to see. When comments are made, notifications will be sent to all Collaborators involved in that task and an activity record will be created to ensure a complete audit trail of all task comments.

To create a task comment, head to the Task Screen and select the individual task. From there, select the comment tab in the upper part of the screen. Once there, you will see all previous comments and can make a new comment by writing in the box and selecting the Post Comment box.

Task Activities

All activity around a task in Procorem is recorded. You can quickly view all activity around a particular task by heading to the individual task and selecting the Activity Tab.

Procorem Note: Task activity will always be available here, or you can see the Activity Feeds on the WorkCenter, Home Screen and Account levels.  Check out the Activity Introduction article to learn more about Activity in Procorem.