Linking Tasks & Files

Procorem tasks provide a comprehensive way to manage project milestones, checklists, and centralize all your key project information in a single location. While task types can widely vary, often time’s tasks require collaboration around specific documents or files.

Procorem now fully supports the ability to link specific tasks to related files in a Procorem WorkCenter. With this ability, your team can quickly develop a set of tasks and approval processes around a specific file from a centralized location. Quickly manage the review, approval, and completion of the file from both the task and the file record in Procorem.

Accessing files associated with a task

To associate files to a task, or review files already associated with a task, first head into the WorkCenter and select the Tasks link in the left hand navigation panel. Once selected, you will be placed in the Task Screen that shows all associated tasks with that WorkCenter.

An immediate indication that there is a file associated with a particular task is to take a look at the icons on the task item. Icons will quickly indicate reminders, files associated with the task, followers on the task, and comments on the task; in that order.

To access the task itself, simply click on the task row and you will be placed in that particular task.

Procorem Note: To learn more about general task functionality from this screen, please take a look at the Creating & Managing Tasks Help Center article.


Once in the task, you will notice there is a “Files” tab on the top of the screen, which shows the number of associated files with this particular task.

By selecting the “Files” tab, you will see all associated files with this particular task. From this screen, you can perform a number of functions, such as downloading the file, opening the related file folder, or accessing the actual file record.

Users with appropriate task permissions, will also be able to add files to the task and unlink a specific file with the related task.

Managing files associated with tasks


Download the file

To download the file associated with the task, select the download icon   and the file will quickly be downloaded to your desktop or mobile device.

Open file location

To open the file location within the Procorem WorkCenter, simply select the name of the file or click on the row itself. Once in the file location, you can quickly upload new versions of the file, make comments on the file itself, manage file statuses, and much more.

Open file folder location

The “Folder” icon  will open the folder in the WorkCenter where the file is stored.

Procorem Task & File Member only privileges

Some task management features require appropriate WorkCenter Role permissions such as the ability to create and update the task. To learn more about setting up these permissions, take a look at the WorkCenter Roles Help Center article.

Add files to tasks

Users with the appropriate WorkCenter privileges can quickly add multiple files simultaneously using the “Add File(s)” button.

Once the button is selected, you will see all files in the WorkCenter. Select the checkbox next to the file you would like to attach then choose the “Select” button to add the files to the task. You can add as many files to the associated task as you would like.

Procorem Note: To add a file to a task, you must first upload it to the WorkCenter. For more information on uploading files, please review the Uploading & Downloading Files Help Center article.


Unlinking files from Tasks

If you would like to remove an association of a file to a task, the “Unlink” button provides that option.

You will be asked to confirm that you would like to unlink the file from this task.

Uploading new versions of files

As your team works and updates files, you can quickly upload new versions of files directly to Procorem. Procorem will fully track and record all versions, which can quickly be restored or deleted as required.

To upload a new version of the file from the task screen, first select the file on the task screen you would like to update.

Once selected, you will be directed to the file record where you can upload a new version of the file.

The new version will be accessible from both the file record and on the task itself.