Finishing & Approving Tasks

Finishing and Approving Tasks

Once you have created a task and assigned it to your team, your team members will be notified via email that tasks have now been assigned to them. As tasks are created in a WorkCenter, they will be visible to all Collaborators on the WorkCenter. While they are visible, only those with appropriate rights will be able to Finish or Approve tasks.

Procorem Note: In order for a task to be fully completed, it must go through 3 core stages:

  • Finished – Tasks are marked as Finished when all Assignees finish their portion of the task.
  • Approved – Once the task is Finished it is ready for approval.  Once all approvals are done, the task will be marked as Approved.
  • Completed– Tasks that are both Finished and Approved will be marked as Completed.  Completed tasks are 100% done and will be crossed off in the Task Screen and Calendar views.

Tasks can move from New to Completed if no Assignees or Approvers have been added to the task and it is marked as Completed by a person with appropriate rights.

Finishing Tasks

Only the people that have been assigned the task will be able to finish their portion of the task. The only exception to this rule is people with Account Administrator access or top level WorkCenter Role access can Finish tasks on behalf of other Collaborators on the WorkCenter. Please take a quick look at the WorkCenter Roles Help Center article for more information.

To finish tasks, first head to the WorkCenter Task Screen and select the task you would like to finish.


From here, you have two ways to finish the task. The first option is to simply select the check mark next to the task on the main Task Screen. If the task has been assigned to you, you can finish the task right here.


Alternatively, you can click on the task itself and select “Mark Finished” next to your name in the Task Details screen.  The Assignee or Collaborator with appropriate rights can finish the task in the Task Details screen.

Procorem Note: Finishing a task is dependent on how the task is set up. If you have multiple Assignees and you have selected “All Assignees must mark task as finished” then the task will not be “Finished” until that criteria is satisfied.

Approving Tasks

Approving tasks works very much like finishing tasks. If you are an Approver on a task, you can simply select the “Thumbs Up” icon next to the task. This will approve the task.


Alternatively, you can click on the task itself and select “Approve” in the Task Details screen next to your name.


Once a task is both “Finished” by the Assignees and “Approved” by the Approvers, the task will be marked as “Completed”. Completed tasks will show up in the Task Screen and Calendar as crossed out to indicate their Completed status.