Procorem Overview

Welcome to the Overview Section of the Procorem Guide

We get it – too much to do and not enough time to do it! That is why we created the Procorem User Guide to get you started and taking advantage of the time saving and collaboration value of Procorem as soon as possible. In the Overview section we will show you how to create a new WorkCenter in Procorem, invite some collaborators and begin using Procorem for improved project collaboration right away.

The Procorem Guide is meant to walk new users through the basics of Procorem and continue to grow with you as you become ready to take on more of the capabilities Procorem provides. Walk through the tutorial step by step, jump between sections or feel free to use the search bar to find a specific article or topic. Let’s start with a two minute video:

4 ways Procorem can help you today

Secure External Portal for Project Collaboration

With Procorem, easily set up secure WorkCenters for project collaboration, both within your organization and with external partners and clients. Your project stays secure as your data is encrypted and you control your collaborators on each project. Learn more about Procorem’s security in the Security, Permissions, and Guests section of the WorkCenter.

Project and Document Management in One Tool

No more switching between platforms for project management and document collaboration. With Procorem, you can easily assign tasks, receive critical notification emails, track and monitor direct communications and centralize all your project activities in one hub. Go beyond project management with document collaboration, approval workflows, versioning and much more to best deliver on your project!

Auditable and Lasting

By managing your projects in Procorem, you can be sure that all the decision points and project information stays centralized and tracked in a single location, no matter what happens during or after the project. Maintain legacy information and complete audit trails for legal compliance and team efficiency.

Built for your business

Procorem offers out of box and customizable templates to match your core business functionality. With Procorem templates, your team can save significant time setting up Procorem to get you on your way to collaborating sooner. With Procorem templates you can copy files, folders tasks and collaborators.