Emails & Posts

Emails & Posts

Procorem’s interface provides direct integration with your email service through the use of notifications and Posts. When certain activities such as creating posts, uploading documents, finishing tasks, and more take place in Procorem, an email notification will be sent to all the participants on the WorkCenter that the activity took place.

Procorem Note: Procorem users can control the frequency of notifications by either subscribing to immediate emails or a daily/weekly digest email. To learn more about controlling email notifications, take a look at the Notifications in Procorem section of the Help Center.


On top of email notifications sent from Procorem, you also have the ability to directly reply to a notification or email a WorkCenter to create a new Post. Whether a reply to a notification or a new email, this will ensure your email communications are tracked and visible to the rest of your project team.

Emailing a WorkCenter

Sending New Emails

Every WorkCenter you are inviting to in Procorem has a unique email specifically created for you. By including this email address in emails you send related to that project, the email will be logged in Procorem as a post.

To find your WorkCenter email ID, head to the WorkCenter you would like to email. Once in the WorkCenter, look to the left hand navigation panel and select the “Email this WorkCenter” button.

Once selected, a notification box will pop up providing you the email ID and instructions on how to use it. You can also quickly email the WorkCenter right from there by selecting the “Send email to: WorkCenter Name” link.


Once an email is received by Procorem, it will be tied to that particular WorkCenter and will go into a Pending approval status.

Procorem Note: The email address given on the WorkCenter is directly tied to the email address used as your login. To send an email to the WorkCenter, you will need to send from that same account.

Replying to Email Notifications

Replying to email notifications works the same way as sending a new email. The only difference is your unique email ID will already be stored in the notification email and by replying to the email, it will send your response right back to the WorkCenter.

When you select reply, you will see your unique email ID in the To: line of the email.


If you are replying to an email sent from Procorem, the reply will be auto-posted, without going through the “Approve” Post process.

Approving Emails

If you are sending a new email to Procorem, you will immediately see it show up in the Posts section of the WorkCenter. While you can see these emails, the rest of the WorkCenter will not see them until you approve them. The approval process is in place to avoid any spamming of your email from unwanted parties.

You can approve your emails from two areas:

WorkCenter Posts

To approve your email from the WorkCenter itself, just head to the posts section and look for the email in the Post feed. The email will be denoted with an email icon to show that it came from an email and will also have an Approve button on the right hand side of the post.


Once you select approve, the post will be made visible to all other collaborators on the WorkCenter.

Pending Items

On the Home Screen, the Pending Items tab will house any items that require your approval, such as Account Invites that have not been accepted as well as emails that require approval.  A benefit of approving emails from here, is that you can approve all your emails across multiple projects in a single location.

To approve emails from here, simply select the Approve button and the email will be posted to the WorkCenter.


Emailing Attachments

On top of being able to save email content as Posts, you can also send attachments directly to a Procorem WorkCenter. When emailing attachments, you will follow the same email process of emailing the WorkCenter and approving the email for visibility to all other WorkCenter collaborators.

Once the email is approved, you will need to move the attachment to the correct location in the WorkCenter. To move the attachment, head to the post and select the attachment.


You will then be prompted to Move the attachment within the WorkCenter.


Simply select the folder you would like to put the attachment in Procorem. If the document already exists with the same name, a new version will be created, if not, it will create a new document in that folder.

Emailing a WorkCenter is a great way to integrate email communications into Procorem. If you have team members that rarely log in to Procorem, get them used to the process of including the WorkCenter in the email to keep track of all project communications within Procorem.