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Getting started with Procorem is easy, in fact we are going to help you do it right now. The following checklist will get you up, running and on your way to improved team collaboration in no time!

Create an account

In order to begin using Procorem, you either need to be invited by an existing user or create your own account. To learn more about accounts, check out our Account and Roles section.

Creating a new account

To create an brand new account, simply click the following link to get started today. Once you enter your information, an account will be set up for you and you can begin using Procorem to its fullest potential.

Getting invited to an existing account

When you invite guests to Procorem, they will receive an email asking them to join your existing account. Guests can simply click the link in the invitation, create a login and join the account.  It is then up to the Account Administrator to determine the level of access for the new user.  To learn more about Procorem security, check out the Security, Permissions and Guests section of this Help Center.


Create a WorkCenter

Now that you have you first Procorem account created, it is time to create a WorkCenter to really see what Procorem can do! Within Procorem, WorkCenters act as project hubs and can store documents, tasks, project activity, posts, calendar information and much more. WorkCenters are invite only, so you choose who has access to key project information. To learn more about WorkCenters, check out the WorkCenter Introduction Section of this Help Center.

You can create WorkCenters either from the Home screen or head to the account you would like to create the WorkCenter for and create from there.  From the home screen, look no further than the right hand side button “Create WorkCenter.”


Once you select the “Create WorkCenter” button, you will be put into a screen which asks for a bit of information on the WorkCenter you are creating.  Provide core information such as which account the WorkCenter belongs to, name of the WorkCenter, WorkCenter category if one exists, and WorkCenter description.


Now that you have your first WorkCenter, you can begin inviting project collaborators and adding key documents.

Procorem Note: You have to be a member to create WorkCenters. To learn more about the types of users in Procorem, please visit the Security, Permissions and Guests section of the Help Center.

Invite your first collaborators

Collaborating with colleagues, external partners and clients is what brings Procorem to life. Now that you have your first WorkCenter created, it is time to invite some collaborators. Collaborators can be either internal to your organization or external project participants. Procorem’s security ensures your data is restricted only to those you want involved in the project.

Procorem Note: Learn more about the type of collaborators and security roles in the Security, Permissions, and Guests section of the Help Center.


To invite your first collaborators, first navigate to the correct WorkCenter. Once in the WorkCenter, look to the right hand panel on the screen and click the “Add Collaborator” button.


Once clicked, you’ll see the Invite Collaborator screen. Now you can invite new users to the WorkCenter, both those who currently use Procorem and those who do not.


Create folders and upload files

You now have created your first account and WorkCenter in Procorem as well as invited a number of collaborators. Your framework is now set and it is just a matter of uploading some files and creating a folder structure to collaborate on files.

Creating Folders

Procorem provides a flexible file storage and collaboration structure that allows you to determine how you want to store and share your files.  File storage begins with a folder structure. There are no restrictions on folders so you can create a structure that makes the most sense for your project.

To create a folder, make sure you are in the correct WorkCenter and simply click the “Create Folder” button on the top of the screen.  From there you can name your folder and begin uploading files.



Procorem Note: Procorem provides the ability to create project templates – saving you and your team time setting up each new Project. With Procorem Templates, you can copy folders, files, tasks, posts and collaborators between WorkCenter with ease.

Uploading Files

Once you have settled on your folder structure, it is time to start uploading files. With Procorem, you can upload multiple files at the same time and up to 2 GB of data at once.

To upload files, head to your desired folder or WorkCenter. Directly next to the “Create Folder” button, is the option to “Upload Files”.


This will prompt you to a screen which allows you to upload files.  From here you can either choose the file from your directory or drag and drop multiple files directly from your computer into Procorem.


With Procorem, you control how you want to store, share and collaborate on files. Now you are on your way to getting the most out of Procorem. To learn more about creating folder structures and file management, check out the Files and Folders Introduction article. If you would like to continue through the basic tutorial and see what else Procorem can do for you, simply hit next below.