Bulk File & Folder Management

Bulk File & Folder Management

Often times, managing single files or folders is too labor intensive a process when managing multiple projects at the same time. In these cases, Procorem’s Bulk File & Folder Management is the perfect solution to keep you and your team as productive as possible.

With Bulk File & Folder Management, you have the power to move, copy, and delete multiple files and folders at the same time.

Bulk Actions

We have already shown you how to take advantage of the “Actions” button to rename, copy, move and delete folders in the File & Folder Management section of the Help Center. In the same Actions tab, you have the ability to perform a number of Bulk Actions (copy, delete, move) on Files and Folders.

To perform Bulk Actions in Procorem, head to the correct WorkCenter or folder. From there, select the “Actions” button in the upper part of the screen.


Procorem Note: If you are on the top level of a WorkCenter, you will only have the “Bulk Actions” option when clicking on this button, if you are in a folder, you will have the “Bulk Actions” options as well as a few Folder management capabilities.


By selecting Bulk Actions, you will have the option to select multiple files and folders at the same time. Simply check the files or folders you would like to take action on or select all to select all files in the WorkCenter or folder.


Once you select your files or folders, choose the action you would like to perform (move, copy, or delete).


Move and Copy Files & Folders

If you are looking to move or copy files, you will be placed into a screen that asks where you would like to move or copy the files.


Make sure you select the correct Account and WorkCenter then choose the folder to place the files or folders. If you would just like to put them on the top level of the WorkCenter, choose the “Root” folder.

Once you have selected the Account, WorkCenter and destination folder, you have a last option of determining if you would like to copy file comments and versions. If left unchecked all the files will be transferred without any comments or previous versions.

Procorem Note: If you would like to copy or move files to more than one WorkCenter at a time, please review the WorkCenter Template article.  Procorem Templates will allow you to also copy Tasks, Collaborators and Posts on top of Files & Folders.

Delete Files & Folders

Deleting files and folders works slightly differently than moving or copying. To delete multiple files and folders at the same time, head to the Actions button just as if you were moving or copying. From there, select the files you would like to delete and choose the delete button.


Once you select delete, a dialogue box will pop up asking if you are sure. Please note that once you delete in Procorem, it cannot be undone so make sure this is what you would like to do.


Bulk File and Folder Management in Procorem can save your team significant time when beginning new projects or managing existing ones. Don’t forget to read the WorkCenter Template article to take Bulk Actions to the next level.