Release Notes: July 2022 (v22.3.4)

ProLink Solutions is pleased to announce a Procorem release. You've come to the right place to review what's new

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Build: July 18, 2022

  • Production Build: To be determined

What's New

The release introduces the following new functionality.

New Advanced Option for File Versions

You can now replace existing files when using Bulk Template Publish (Account Admin) and Import from Template (WorkCenter Settings) functionality.

When you select the new advanced option, called Add New File Version, if a file in the import has the same name as a file in the destination folder, the import file will be added as a new version of the existing file. If the checkbox is cleared, then the system will skip the file during the import process.

Note that you must also select the parent option, Import Files and Folders, for the Add New File Version functionality to work.

The new version of the file becomes the active version, and the previous version remains available through the Versions tab in File Details.


Bulk Template Publish; Import from Template