WorkCenter Roles

WorkCenter Roles

At the core of Procorem is the ability to collaborate with users outside of your organization; such as partners, clients, and vendors. In order to ensure your data remains secure, Procorem provides configurable security roles to allow you to decide how your stakeholders engage with your project data.

Configurable Security Roles will allow you to create your own security roles within Procorem. By picking and choosing from a list of permissions around files, folders, posts, tasks, and WorkCenters, Account Administrators can completely configure what their users can and can’t do in Procorem.

With Procorem’s configurable security roles, you now have the freedom to control how information is uploaded, shared, distributed, and engaged with in Procorem. Whatever your business requires can now be easily and quickly delivered through Configurable Security Roles.

How to Access WorkCenter Roles

As with all Account Settings & Configuration pages, you can easily access WorkCenter Roles from the left hand navigation menu on the primary Account View.


Just as with the other settings, only Account Administrators have the ability to access the Account Admin section.

Procorem Note: To learn more about Accounts and how to navigate around the various Account screens, please take a quick look at the Accounts & Roles Introduction article.


Out-of-Box WorkCenter Roles

Every Procorem account will come with three “out-of-box” security roles: WorkCenter Owner, Contributor and Read Only. The three out of box security roles are:

Read-Only – A Read-Only collaborator can view everything on a WorkCenter, including downloading a file, but cannot make any changes.

Contributor – Contributor is your standard access for guests. Contributors can do everything with files, have no permissions around creating, deleting or moving folders, have the ability to manage and create posts, and can create task comments.

WorkCenter Owner – WorkCenter Owner is your top tier role within a WorkCenter. In order to be a WorkCenter Owner, you must first be a Standard Member or above. WorkCenter owners can do anything within a WorkCenter. This includes creating tasks, adding collaborators, and managing folder and file structure.


These roles are not editable and can be applied to different collaborators on the WorkCenter level. If you are curious about the differences between these three roles, click on the “Matrix” button on the right hand side of the screen.


Adding New Security Roles

If you would like to create configurable security roles, it is as easy as selecting the green “Add New Role” box from the top left hand side of the screen.


Now that you are ready to add a role, give your role a title (customize the role name so it is familiar to your users) and select the permissions you want to assign to this role. For this example we created the role of “Asset Manager.” Remember to scroll all the way down to see the full list of permissions you can assign. Then hit save. If you would like to get started from an existing role, you have the ability to select an existing WorkCenter role and copy all the privileges from there to get you started.



Procorem Note: As you add security roles, you will see an asterisk by some of the assignable permissions. These asterisks indicate that the collaborator must be a paid account Member to have access to those privileges. If the user is a Guest, you will not be able to assign a role containing any of those permissions to that user.


Once you have created your new security role, you can head back to the main WorkCenter Role screen to see the new role added.


If at any time you want to change elements of a role, just head back to the WorkCenter Role page and select the role, change the desired privilege and save. If you would like to see the roles side by side, just select the “Matrix” button to see a side by side analysis of all your WorkCenter Roles.

Applying Roles to your Users

Configurable security roles are applied to each collaborator on the WorkCenter level. This means that you can have a single collaborator that is on a number of WorkCenters, but their security permissions can be different by each WorkCenter they are on. This provides ultimate flexibility for you to decide how your collaborators engage with your data. There are two ways to set a security role for a WorkCenter collaborator.

Assigning Security Roles within the WorkCenter

The first way to assign WorkCenter roles to your collaborators is to assign to them once you have invited them into a particular Workcenter. Once in the WorkCenter, you will see all your collaborators on the right hand side of your screen.


To change the security permissions, simply click on the collaborator you would like to adjust and select from the dropdown to choose their desired security role.


Procorem Note: While not required, it is often helpful to title your security roles in line with a particular project role. This will not only provide custom security preferences, but allow for easy identification of that collaborator’s role in the project itself.

Assigning Security Roles in Bulk

Often times managing your collaborators requires a view of all the WorkCenters they are a part of and their security role on each WorkCenter in a single view. To get to this view, navigate to the People & Permissions tab on the left hand navigation panel. Once in the People & Permissions page, select the collaborator you would like to see and select their name.


Once there, select the “WorkCenters” tab. This will show you all the WorkCenters this collaborator is a part of and allow you to quickly adjust their security role for each WorkCenter. For more information on People & Permissions, please see the People & Permissions Help Center page.



Procorem Note: Only Account Administrators and User Administrators have the ability to access the People & Permissions page.


With Configurable WorkCenter Roles in Procorem, the power and control for how your collaborators use Procorem is entirely in your hands.