Bulk Template Publish

Bulk Template Publish

In Procorem, templates give you significant power to be able to shorten the amount of time your team spends creating new WorkCenters and updating Procorem for new projects. With Procorem Templates you can quickly replicate Tasks, Comments, Documents, Folders, and Collaborators between WorkCenters.

Procorem Note: If you have not already read the WorkCenter Template section of the Help Center, please read before reviewing this article on Bulk Template Publish.

Now that you already know about Procorem Templates, let’s review how Procorem can allow you to copy a single template to multiple WorkCenters at the same time.

How to Access Bulk Template Publish

As with all Account Settings & Configuration pages, you can easily access Bulk Template Publish from the left hand navigation menu on the primary Account View.


Just as with the other settings, only Account Administrators have the ability to access the Account Admin section.

Procorem Note: To learn more about Accounts and how to navigate around the various Account screens, please take a quick look at the Accounts & Roles Introduction article.

Bulk Template Publish Page

Once you are in the Bulk Template Publish page, you will see a list of all the WorkCenters on the account. Notice that the first column shows you the WorkCenter Category and the second notates the WorkCenter Name.

The first thing you will want to do is select the template you would like to publish in bulk to multiple WorkCenters. To select the template, choose the drop down and pick the Template you would like to publish.

Procorem Note: Don’t see the WorkCenter you would like to use as a template? Please take a look at the WorkCenter Template section of the Help Center to learn how to make a WorkCenter as a Template.

If you have a large number of WorkCenters, you can select the “Filter” button to limit the WorkCenters shown by category.

You can select the “Options” button to determine what information you would like to come over in the Bulk Template Publish. By default, it will copy files, folders, tasks, and posts.

For even further control over the details of the Template publish, select “Show Advanced Options” and you are provided a list of additional options.

Procorem Note: For more information on the Advanced Options, please take a look at the WorkCenter Template section of the Help Center to learn how to make a WorkCenter as a Template.

Now that you know what you would like to import, it is time to select which WorkCenters you would like to publish the Template. You can select all WorkCenters by selecting the check box next to Category on the far left column. Otherwise, simply select the check boxes next to the WorkCenters you would like to copy to and then choose import at the bottom of the screen.

When you click Import, your Bulk Template Publish job is queued for nightly processing. Procorem’s nightly processing will complete as many jobs as possible, handled in the order the jobs were created, during the processing window. And if a job is started, Procorem will continue processing until the job is completed. If a job is not started before the window closes, it will keep its place in the queue for the next night’s processing.

You can view the status on the Background Processes screen. Bulk Template Publish processes will show a Status of Scheduled while queued for processing.

The maximum number of WorkCenters that you can publish to is 500. If you exceed that number, you will receive the following message.

The number of collaborators and posts is limited to 20 items each. The number of files and tasks is limited to 40 items each. (Limits are subject to change by ProLink.) If your template exceeds the limits, you will receive a message similar to the following message.

Bulk Template Publish provides significant power to be able to copy any combination of Tasks, Comments, Documents, Folders and Collaborators between WorkCenters. Due to the power of this area of Procorem, we intentionally restrict the functionality to Account Administrators.