Accounts & Roles Introduction

Accounts & Roles Introduction

The Procorem Hierarchy is designed in such a way that it provides both structure and flexibility to match your business objectives. In the Procorem Hierarchy section, we detail out all the different areas of Procorem and how they work together. In this section of the Procorem Help Center, we are going to talk in detail about Accounts.

What are accounts?

An account is the top level in Procorem and is typically used to represent an organization or department within an organization. When you create an account, you become a member of Procorem who can create WorkCenters, upload and store documents, create task deadlines, and more. Accounts are your home base and you can have an infinite number of WorkCenters under each account. On top of WorkCenter creation, most administrative functions such as managing People & Permissions, Account Settings, Procorem Subscription plans, adding Apps and creating custom WorkCenter Roles are all controlled on the account level.

Procorem Note: Depending on the subscription plan you have, there may be additional capabilities that are conducted on the account level. For a complete listing of the differences in account plans, please visit the Procorem Pricing page.

My Accounts

You can quickly access all of the Accounts you have access to by selecting the “My Accounts” tab from the left hand navigation panel on the home screen.  Once selected, a list of all your Accounts will be displayed and you have the option of choosing which Account you would like to access.


Once you select your account, you will be placed into the “Account WorkCenter” view which will show you all the WorkCenters and categories associated with the Account.


From here you can access core areas of your account as well as manage a variety of settings.  On the top of the left hand navigation panel in this screen, you will have access to a variety of Account level data, such as all the WorkCenters, Files, Posts, Tasks, Calendar and Activity to all the WorkCenters you have access to under that Account.

Account Administrators will be give more information on the left hand navigation panel which includes a variety of Account Settings and management screens.


Core Areas of Accounts

Settings & Configuration

People & Permissions – Account administrators have the ability to control a variety of settings for the users under each account. In the people and permissions tab you can distinguish between members, guests and account contacts. You can easily control security roles, WorkCenter subscriptions and see all account activities for a given person from the People & Permissions tab.

Account Settings – The Account Settings section allows you to change the account name, set up custom picklists (file types, file statuses and WorkCenter categories) as update your account logo.

Subscription – The subscription page will allow you to adjust your current payment plan, increase the number of licenses, change your payment method and view your billing history.

WorkCenter Roles – The WorkCenter Roles page allows you to create configurable security roles for your account. From this section you can add new security roles, adjust existing, and view them side by side for quick analysis.

Bulk Template Publish – Bulk Template Publish allows you to select a template and push a combination of Tasks, Documents, Folders, Posts and Collaborators to multiple WorkCenters at the same time.

Background Processes – Any time you move, copy, transfer, or import information in Procorem, the progress and activity you make will be tracked in your Background Processes section of your Profile.  This tab will provide insight into the current status of a transfer, any errors related to the transfer, and when the transfer is complete.

Account Data Management

Account WorkCenters – View all the WorkCenters in your account from this location. Standard users will only be able to see the WorkCenters for which they are a member while Account Administrators can toggle between their WorkCenters and all WorkCenters. WorkCenter categories you set up in the Account Settings section will appear here.

Account Calendar – The Account Calendar is designed to show you tasks across all your WorkCenters under a specific account. Completed calendar tasks will show up crossed out while overdue tasks will appear in bold and red font.

Account Tasks – From the Account Tasks area you can see tasks across all WorkCenters on an account. This is a great place to manage all your projects in a single location. Quickly sort by project, task title, task status, due date, assignee and approver.

Account Files – The account file section will show you all files associated with your account.

Account Posts – Account Posts will display the top 10 most active posts within the last 30 days across all projects. See what your team members are talking about from this location.

Account Activity – All account activity can be viewed in a single location from the Account Activity tab.

For more information on Account Data Management features in Procorem, please review the Account Level Data Help Center article.

Other Account Level Functions

Create WorkCenter – The Account level is the best place to create new WorkCenters which roll up to the master account. This ability is limited to members with the correct WorkCenter permissions. Easily create, categorize and add descriptions to new WorkCenters from this area.

To create a new WorkCenter, simply click the Create WorkCenter button on the left hand navigation panel.


Check out the Creating a WorkCenter article for more information.

Leave the Account – As a member or guest of an account, you have the power to leave the account at any time. To do this, head to the My Accounts screen and select “Leave Account”.


Procorem Note: If you are the only Account Administrator on an Account, you will not be able to leave the account without disabling the account. To learn more about cancelling an account subscription, please review the Account Subscription Help Center article.