Account Settings

Account Settings

Account Settings controls core details about how you actually set up your account structure. Once inside the Account Settings, you will be able to control four core areas: Account Name, Picklists, Logo, and Templates.

How to Access Account Settings

As with all Account Settings & Configuration pages, you can easily access Account Settings from the left hand navigation menu on the primary Account View.


Just as with the other settings, only Account Administrators have the ability to access the Account Admin section.

Procorem Note: To learn more about Accounts and how to navigate around the various Account screens, please take a quick look at the Accounts & Roles Introduction article.

Account Tab

The Account Tab is relatively straightforward. In this area you can change and update your account name to match any changes or updates to your organization name.


The Picklists menu is a bit more complex and powerful than the Account Tab. Picklists are used throughout the Procorem application to classify core project information. Items such as file types, file statuses, and WorkCenter categories can all be managed in this area.

File Types

Every time you upload a file into Procorem, you have the option to classify that document for analysis and segmentation. In the Picklists tab you can add as many custom file types as you would like to match your core business processes.

Adding and changing File Types is as easy as selecting “Create Type” to add a new one or click on an existing File Type to rename. Additionally, File Types can be added on the document screen.


File Statuses

Similar to File Types, File Statuses are completely customizable and can be attached to every document to provide additional information about the status of that document. File statuses can easily be used to manage the approval of documents and core project information. Update File Status on the document screen or add new ones in the same place.


WorkCenter Categories

WorkCenter Categories provide classification for all your WorkCenters. By using WorkCenter Categories, you can classify WorkCenters to match your business. Once again, completely customizable, WorkCenter Categories can be used to represent internal business processes, external partner portal organizations and much more!

To see your WorkCenter Categories in action, head back to the Account WorkCenter View and see how all the WorkCenters are classified.



From the Logo tab, you can update and change your logo as you see fit.



Use the Templates tab to identify default settings to be applied when copying a WorkCenter.