Account Level Data

Account Data Management

Managing information on a project by project basis can easily be performed on each individual WorkCenter within Procorem, but what if you want to see a holistic view of activity across all your projects? For data analysis across all your WorkCenters or projects, look no further than the Account Data Management section of Procorem.

The Account Data Management area provides account level view of calendars, tasks, files, posts and account activity. You can also create new WorkCenters from this location.

The Account Data Management section is broken out into 6 core areas:

  • Account WorkCenters
  • Account Calendar
  • Account Tasks
  • Account Files
  • Account Posts
  • Account Activity

Each of these areas will provide an interactive page to help you analyze and make decisions off of your account data.

Accessing Account Level Data

To access account level data, you will need to be in the Account View. There are a variety of ways to access this screen:

From My Accounts

Once in My Accounts, you can simply click on the Account name you would like to access to get to the primary Account View.


From the Home Screen

You can also select the “Go to Account” button under the recent Account section of the left hand navigation menu.


Using Breadcrumbs

Any time you are in a WorkCenter, you can quickly head to the Account View by selecting the Account name in the Breadcrumb.


The Account name will always be the second item listed in the Breadcrumb when you are in a WorkCenter.

Account WorkCenters

Once in the Account, you will be placed in the Account WorkCenter view.  This is the best place to see all the WorkCenters you are a collaborator on under an individual account.


Here you will see your WorkCenters organized by the WorkCenter Categories you have selected in the WorkCenter Picklist (To learn more about Procorem Picklists, check out the Account Settings section of the Procorem Help Center).

From the Account WorkCenter screen, you can click directly into the individual WorkCenter by selecting the correct category and the desired WorkCenter associated with that category. From this section you will also be able to see notifications that there are overdue or new tasks.

When managing a large number of projects, the Account WorkCenter is a great area to see all the WorkCenters (projects) associated with an account.

Account Files

Just like tasks, maintaining the ability to access all the files across all your projects is an important consideration for high level project management. Procorem provides you the ability to view all your account files in a single location. To access all the files related to your account, head to the Account Files section on the left hand navigation panel.


Once in the Account Files section, files will be sorted alphabetically for you to browse through. Each row will have the Account name and the WorkCenter name on the bottom left and right respectively. Easily download the file by clicking on it or select the “Details” button to head into the WorkCenter and view important document information such as document status, type, comments, versions and activity.

Account Posts

Account Posts provide insight into the communication taking place on each project. Posts will be sorted by WorkCenter and you will be able to see the top 10 most active posts within the last 30 days. Users can easily head into the WorkCenter itself by clicking the WorkCenter title.


Account Tasks

The Account Tasks view is designed to give team members the ability to sort, filter, and view all your tasks across the entire account. Just as with the calendar items, users will only be able to see the tasks they are authorized to see.

Select the desired filters and click Apply Filter to return search results. You can search by User, Task Role, WorkCenter Name, and Date Range.

Within the Account Tasks screen you can sort tasks across the following criteria:

  • WorkCenter
  • Task Title
  • Status
  • Due Date
  • Assignees
  • Approvers
  • User & Task Role

To filter by any of these criteria, simply click on the column header and the tasks will sort by that setting.

As you use this feature, you will notice completed and approved tasks as being marked in green while incomplete tasks, or unapproved tasks, will remain in grey for their respective columns.

To go into a specific task, simply click on the task line item and you will be taken into the WorkCenter which stores the task.

Account Calendar

The Procorem Account Calendar section will provide you a calendar based view of all the tasks across all your projects. The Account Calendar section pulls task data from across all your WorkCenters to provide a single view of all project activity and important calendar dates.

Procorem Note: All account features are security controlled. Your users will only ever see the information they have been given access to see. For most users this will mean they will need to be a collaborator on a WorkCenter to see any of that information on the account level. Account Administrators will be able to see all information across all accounts even if they are not a collaborator on the individual WorkCenter.


Once in the calendar, completed tasks will be crossed out while overdue tasks will show in red. To access a task, simply click on the task and it will take you into the actual task and WorkCenter to which that task belongs. You can also easily toggle between a month, week and day view which can be controlled in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

For quick identification of which WorkCenter the task belongs to, look closely at the task and you will see the following title structure – “WorkCenter Name – Task Name”. This structure will always let you know where each task is coming from.

Account Activity

For any user of Procorem, the Account Activity section is the best place to see all the activity that has taken place on a particular account in one spot. Different than the Activity Feed on your home screen in that all the activity in this section is related to a particular account.


Check out the Activity Introduction article for more information on Activity in Procorem.