Projects are complicated – lots of different parties, tasks, deadlines and documents to manage. With Procorem, our goal is to make the management of projects as simple as possible. It is with this goal in mind that we created Procorem Templates.

Procorem Templates are designed to allow you to replicate Tasks, Documents, Posts, Folders, and Collaborators throughout any number of WorkCenters. When a new project gets started, simply copy your core project details right from another WorkCenter so you can focus on successful project management rather than administrative tasks.

In this Help Center article, you will learn:

  • What information is copied when using a template
  • How to mark a WorkCenter as a template
  • How to import a template into an existing WorkCenter
  • Understanding Template Options
  • How to use a template when creating a new WorkCenter
  • How to bulk copy a template across multiple WorkCenters

Let’s get started.

Information copied when using a Template

With Procorem templates you can copy and import the following:

Files and folders – When selected, Procorem Templates will bring in all files and folders from the template WorkCenter into either a new or existing WorkCenter. If you would like to learn how to move single files or folders from one WorkCenter to another, please review the File & Folder Management.

Tasks – All tasks can be immediately copied from one WorkCenter to another using Templates. You can also set a master due date during the templating process and all tasks will respect task dependencies helping you get your project started quickly.

Posts – Posts provide a framework and audit history of all project activity. If you would like posts to come over as well when templating a WorkCenter the option is yours.

Collaborators – Often times projects have a core set of participants which you would like to be on every new project. With Procorem Templates, Collaborators can be copied over as well.

While each of these objects are available to be copied used in Templates, you have the option to import all or only single elements of each during the template process. With Procorem Templates, what you copy and where is up to you!

How to mark a WorkCenter as a Template

In Procorem, any WorkCenter can be a Template. It is up to the Account Administrator, or user with appropriate rights, to determine which WorkCenters can be used as Templates. WorkCenters marked as Templates can continue to function as normal WorkCenters, but will be recognized by Procorem as an available Template.

In order to mark a WorkCenter as a Template, you will want to navigate to the WorkCenter and select the WorkCenter Settings link in the left hand navigation panel.

From there, select the settings link to enter the WorkCenter settings screen. Once in this screen, simply select the checkbox to designate the WorkCenter as a Template and select save.

Procorem Note: Users without access granted by the Account Administrator will not be able to access this screen. To learn more about security roles and access, please visit the Security, Permissions & Guests section of the Help Center.

How to import a template into an existing WorkCenter

In order to import a Template into an existing WorkCenter, first head to the WorkCenter you want to bring information in to then select “WorkCenter Settings” from the left hand navigation panel. From there, select “Import from Template”.


From here you will be asked to select the Template you would like to import. To select the template, choose the drop down and pick the Template you would like to publish. You can select from a list of the template WorkCenters for which you are a collaborator; unless you are an Account Administrator or WorkCenter Administrator, in which case you can select any template WorkCenter.


Procorem Note: Don’t see the WorkCenter you would like to use as a Template? First make sure you have marked that WorkCenter as a Template. See the “How to Mark a WorkCenter as a Template” section above.  In addition, you must be a Collaborator on the template WorkCenter for it to appear in your template list.

Understanding Template Options

For any new Template copy, the default is to copy Files and Folders, Tasks, and Posts. While this is the default, you can control which of these elements you want to copy or leave back with Template Options.

After selecting your Template, if you would like to adjust what is copied over, simply select the “Options” button. This will display the four options you can copy over during the Template copy. To include or not include certain items simply select the check box next to the item.


For even further control over the details around publishing Templates, select “Show Advanced Options” and you are provided a list of additional options related to Tasks.


With Advanced Options you can select a new due date for all root tasks. By putting a number in the Auto Due date field, all Parent tasks will be assigned that due date in the new WorkCenter. To learn more about setting up your tasks, please review the Creating & Managing Tasks section of the Help Center.

Procorem Note: By default the Auto Due Date field is left blank. Any task with due dates set in the future in the Template WorkCenter will remain the same. Any due dates that occur in the past will keep the same due date, but add a year when copied into the new WorkCenter.

Template Limits

The number of collaborators, files, tasks, and posts is limited to 120 items each. If the template exceeds these limits, you will receive a message similar to the one below.

How to use a template when creating a new WorkCenter

If you would like to start a new project from an existing template, the best way to do that is to use the Template during the process of creating a new WorkCenter.

Procorem Note: Only users will appropriate rights can create new WorkCenters. Please see the Security, Permissions, and Guests section for more information on these rights.

To create a new WorkCenter, first head to the Home Screen and select the “Create WorkCenter” button on the top right hand side of the screen.


Once you select the “Create WorkCenter” button, you will be put into a screen which asks for a bit more information on the WorkCenter you are creating. From here, input the Account this WorkCenter will be tied to, the name of the WorkCenter, any applicable categorization for the WorkCenter and a WorkCenter description.

If you would like to use a Template, select the Template and options then select save to create the WorkCenter. You can select from a list of the template WorkCenters for which you are a collaborator; unless you are an Account Administrator or WorkCenter Administrator, in which case you can select any template WorkCenter.


Once you select save you will be placed into your new WorkCenter as the contents of the Template WorkCenter are copied over.

Procorem Note: For large Templates, this process can take a couple minutes. If you would like to check the status of a transfer you can review the Background Processes tab in the Account or Profile areas of Procorem.

How to Bulk Copy Templates across multiple WorkCenters

With Procorem you can copy a single Template across Multiple WorkCenters at the same time. For more on this feature, please see the Bulk Template Publish section of the Help Guide.

While an advanced feature, WorkCenter Templates can significantly shorten the amount of time you spend creating new WorkCenters when new projects start.

Prepping your tasks for Templates

One of the main benefits of Procorem Templates is the ability to copy tasks, and all associated task details, across multiple projects at the same time.  Because projects often have a set of standardized tasks, this can save your team significant administrative effort and allow them to get back on true project management.

While many tasks are the same, due dates and collaborators are often different.  Because of this, it is important to consider a few things when setting up your Template for Tasks.

Parent vs. Child Tasks

In Procorem, a Parent task is the primary or first task in your project.  Parent tasks are usually the first task to be performed and once complete, set off the next task in line to begin.  All tasks will be parent tasks when initially created.

Child Tasks on the other hand are tied to the parent and performed once the parent task is complete.  In order to create Child Tasks, you will want to set a previous task to be Completed in the Task Flow section when creating the task.


By selecting the task you want to be completed prior to this task being completed, you are setting up a logical flow for project tasks to be Completed.

Procorem Note: To learn more about task flow and creating tasks, please see the Creating & Managing Tasks section of the Help Center.

Auto Due Date

When it comes to getting your Template ready, you first want to outline the order of tasks using the Task Flow field.  From there, you have an option to set the “Auto Due Date” which will determine the due date for the task automatically once the previous task is complete.  By having this filled out in your Template WorkCenter, both the flow and due dates will come over to the new WorkCenter.

Task Roles

Another very helpful tip to set up your tasks in a Template WorkCenter is to assign WorkCenter Roles instead of individual Collaborators.  By assigning a role to the Assignees, Approvers and Followers, these tasks will auto-assign to individuals matching that role when they are later added to the target WorkCenter.

You can assign individual Collaboarators as well, but note that they will only be copied if you select the “Import Collaborators” button during the Template copy.

Task Details

When you choose to copy tasks, a number of key Task Details are copied over as well:

  • All tasks
  • All task groups (if created)
  • Task due dates (if applied)
  • All assigned roles
  • Task flow
  • Auto due date
  • Sort order
  • Any pre-configured email reminders

For more information on setting up tasks, please review the Creating & Managing Tasks section of the Help Center.